About Auro
What is Auro?
Auro is a personal trainer in your ear. Auro’s workouts are carefully designed to provide you with the right mix of guidance, motivation, fun and music. You will have completely guided workouts whether you are on a treadmill in a gym or running on a track. Achieving your fitness goals, nailing that prep for an event or just getting in - get them all on Auro.
How are you different from the other online fitness providers?

Online fitness has either been tailored for home workouts (using videos) or a few apps that enhance outdoor running experiences. Auro does not tie you to a screen.

At Auro, we provide you with a portable personalized trainer, irrespective of where you decide to workout. If you are in the gym, we have treadmill, elliptical, rowing workouts that are hyper-personalized with great music and motivation. The indoor cycling or spin fans will have high-energy spin classes to listen do. We even have workouts in case you decide to walk in the park. Our strength classes provide the HIIT flavour that people desire.

All our workouts bring the energy of group classes, with great motivation and music. In all, you will feel that you have a personal trainer with you – always!

I am a trainer. Can I work for Auro?
We are pleased to hear that you’d want to join Auro’s team of world-class fitness trainers. We urge you to look at the careers page for current openings and apply for the positions that fit your profile. Alternatively, you could mail us at careers@auro.fit.
Fitness specific questions
I am a beginner. Can I use Auro?
We have workouts for every level on Auro. Whether you are a beginner just starting out or a pro with many years of experience, we have something for you. Every class has a description of the level of the workout.
What are the classes available on Auro?
We offer guided workouts for treadmill, strength, outdoor runs, walks and marathon training. We will shortly be adding elliptical, rowing, spin, mindfulness as well.
Who are the trainers on Auro?
You will find our fitness team on the home page of Auro.


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